Comes from ''SLIDE

SLD (pronounced slide) is a product made by APL's patented technology, which means that the unique ingredients that help to eliminate inflammation are in the form of delicious and effective candies that allow you to quickly deal with pain.

The six effective ingredients, the combination of which was developed after many years of experiments, work perfectly for the proper functioning of the joints. You can continue with your favorite walks every night or with exercise to keep fit.

SEVEN advantages of SLD

+ improves joint mobility and strengthens tendons, stimulates the creation of synovial fluid;

+ activates the recovery of tendons, joints and muscles and skin;

+ stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin;

+ impedes the process of destruction of cartilage, bones and joints, spine, tendons and ligaments, while helping to restore them;

+ helps reduce inflammatory processes and swelling of joints and surrounding tissues;

+ slows down bone demineralization;

+ accelerates the processes of adhesion of bones and joints after injuries, fractures and surgery;